1883 Civil War Pension Records

Nr. Name Cert. Nr. Post Office Cause Mo. Rate MY Begun
1Frederick M. Adams67531Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Knee$6.00
2Leonard Allenan61620Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipGun Shot Wound, Right Hip$4.00
3Henry Andrix37084West Hope, Richfield TownshipWounded, Left Arm$9.99
4Mary A. Babcock69860Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWidow$8.00
5John B. Babcock126153Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Head$9.99
6Samuel Baer115882Ridgeville Corners, Ridgeville TownshipDisease of Eyes$9.99
7Conrad Baner40144Holgate, Pleasant TownshipBronchitis$8.00
8George W. Bangher120912Grelton, Richfield TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Foot$6.00
9Jacob Barnhart54088Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Right Leg$9.99
10William J. Barr74381Florida, Flatrock TownshipDisease of Spine$9.99
11Samuel R. Battenfield80125McClure, Damascus TownshipWounded, Right Side and Spine$9.99
12Jacob Bechstein221427Colton, Washington TownshipChronic Diarrhea and Disease of Abdominal Viscera.$6.00November 1882
13Lewis H. Beilharz8580Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipChronic Diarrhea$8.00
14Claiborn R. Bethel181135Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Forearm$1.00January 1881
15John Biggins80604Texas, Washington TownshipWounded, Left Hand$9.99
16Mason A. Blackeman63180Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipLoss of Right Leg$9.99
17William Bonney195217Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipChronic Rheumatism and Disease of Heart$4.00August 1881
18Samuel Bost198439Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipGun Shot Wound, Neck$4.00November 1881
19Abraham Bost115054Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipDisease of Liver and Spleen$8.00
20Lavina Bowen61997Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWidow$8.00
21Josiah Bright91246Florida, Flatrock TownshipContusion Wound of Leg and Fractured Left Leg$9.99
22Justin F. Brown63149Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipWounded, Left Foot$2.66
23Samuel E. Brown124656Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Left Arm, Left Foot, Injury to Abdomen and to Right Eye$9.99
24Charles Burns215493Hamler, Marion TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Thigh$2.00July 1882
25Thomas Burrow71972Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Right Forearm and Scurvy$8.00
26Henry B. Cairus87607Holgate, Pleasant TownshipWound of Spine, Causing Partial Paralysis of Lower Extremities$8.00
27George J. Capen167300West Hope, Richfield TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Arm and Head$4.00April 1880
28Harriet W. Cary73229Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipDependent Mother$8.00
29Henry L. Chapman74665Ridgeville Corners, Ridgeville TownshipBoth Feet Frozen$8.00
30Rosina M. Choate44340Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWidow$9.99
31Jeremiah Coler80602Colton, Washington TownshipWound of Left Arm$9.99
32Robert R. Conn35211McClure, Damascus TownshipChronic Rheumatism$4.00
33Nathan B. Conrad213434Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipDisease of Heart$9.99June 1882
34Susan Cooley123855Ridgeville Corners, Ridgeville TownshipDependent Mother$8.00January 1869
35Daniel Courtright55353Texas, Washington TownshipWounded, Right Forearm and Right Side of Head$9.99
36John W. Davis220760Colton, Washington TownshipChronic Diarrhea$2.00November 1882
37Maria Davis103081Deshler, Bartlow TownshipWidow$8.00November 1867
38Edward H. Dawson183710Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipGun Shot Wound, Right Forearm$4.00March 1881
39Charles A. Day107801Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipConjuctivitis, Disease of Eyes$8.00
40Maria Dean81104Deshler, Bartlow TownshipWidow$8.00August 1866
41Mary Dennison5446Hamler, Marion TownshipWidow$8.00
42Jacob Dixon45728Florida, Flatrock TownshipTyphoid Fever$6.00
43Boyd Dunbar100984Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Left Hip$8.00
44Daniel Duval46198Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Right Knee$8.00
45Joseph Edwards186983Hamler, Marion TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Hand with Loss of Middle Finger$4.00April 1881
46Martin Edwards142912Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipDisease of Eyes$2.66December 1876
47Caroline Eidson181984Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWidow$9.99September 1878
48Margaret Elarton37784Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWidow$8.00
49Robert G. Emery121739Florida, Flatrock TownshipChronic Diarrhea$6.00February 1873
50Nicholas Ex78923New Bavaria, Pleasant TownshipInjury to Left Arm$4.00
51Bradley Fauver67830New Bavaria, Pleasant TownshipSynovitis, Right Ankle$9.99December 1866
52Jacob Finney185215Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Thigh$4.00March 1881
53David Flower65276West Hope, Richfield TownshipWounded, Left Heel$8.00
54Peter Folk214734Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Leg$4.00June 1882
55Christopher M. Ford26351Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Left Arm$8.00April 1864
56Augustus Fortney41937Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Left Leg$9.99
57George Fredericks84000Hamler, Marion TownshipLoss 1 and 3 Fingers Left Hand and Resulting Impairment Little Finger$9.99
58Jacob Fronce207419Malinta, Monroe TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Hand and Right Elbow$2.00April 1882
59Ambrose Fry111480Texas, Washington TownshipChronic Rheumatism$8.00
60William Fuller136172Deshler, Bartlow TownshipWounded Left Forearm$6.00
61Michael Furney46527Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipLoss of Left Leg$9.99February 1865
62John Gessner49293Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Right Foot, Arm, Left Shoulder and Left Foot$9.99
63Bethuel Goodell201524Colton, Washington TownshipInjury to Left Wrist$4.00January 1882
64Moses Goore70746Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Right Breast$4.00January 1867
65William Gray207343Deshler, Bartlow TownshipDisease of Lungs$9.99April 1882
66Susannah Green53944Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWidow$8.00
67Peter Greiner152377Colton, Washington TownshipInjury to Abdomen and Right Hip$6.00April 1878
68Dorothy Groschner134663Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipDependent Mother$8.00September 1869
69Julian H. Gunn163237Holgate, Pleasant TownshipDisease of Lungs and Throat$4.00
70Emanuel Gwyer119561Texas, Washington TownshipWounded, Right Side$9.99
71Samuel C. Haag48769Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipLoss of Left Arm$9.99
72James Haley79380Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipWounded, Right Arm$5.33
73Joseph J. Haly114536Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipChronic Diarrhea$4.00November 1871
74Susanna Hammell182193Holgate, Pleasant TownshipDependent Mother$8.00October 1878
75Chas. H. Hanchett134962Texas, Washington TownshipWounded, Left Hand$2.00
76Shepard C. Harman196600Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipErysipelas and Disease of Eyes$8.00October 1881
77Daniel Hartnelt113088Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipParalysis$9.99
78Orelius Haynes58123Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Left Ankle$4.00February 1866
79Leir Heberling179369Colton, Washington TownshipChronic Diarrhea Resulting in Disease of Abdominal Viscera.$2.00December 1880
80John Hees177027Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipGun Shot Wound of Head and Epilepsy$4.00October 1880
81Christian H. Helberg175438Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Side$2.00October 1880
82George G. Henderson122237Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipWounded, Left Shoulder$9.99
83Hiram Henderson50052Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipLoss of Right Forearm and Injury to Left Hand$9.99
84Henry C. Hess158409Colton, Washington TownshipInjury of Right Knee$6.00March 1879
85Joseph F. Hill97155Colton, Washington TownshipWound of Breast$8.00April 1869
86David Hill85809Hamler, Marion TownshipInjury to Shoulder$8.00October 1867
87Mary Hime11967Colton, Washington TownshipWidow, War of 1812$8.00November 1878
88Jacob Hiser57738Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipLoss part of Right Hand$9.99
89Harriet E. Holley107076Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWidow$8.00January 1868
90Sarah Jane Holly69872Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWidow$8.00
91Letitia C. Holmes189453Deshler, Bartlow TownshipWidow$8.00August 1880
92Noah Hoot214749Colton, Washington TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Forearm$2.00June 1882
93Rachel Hulet184011Colton, Washington TownshipWidow$8.00May 1879
94Otha H. Hull109855Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipRupture and Varicose Veins on both Sides$5.33September 1871
95Charles J. Hunt36729Deshler, Bartlow TownshipWounded, Left Thigh$4.00
96William H. Ingle47737McClure, Damascus TownshipLoss of Left Arm$9.99
97Isaac W. Ingle168338Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Hip and Right Hand$6.00May 1880
98Mary J. Jackman80814New Bavaria, Pleasant TownshipDependent Mother$8.00October 1866
99Willard C. Johnson120549Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipInjury to Left Leg$5.33December 1872
100Enas M. Jones111239Hamler, Marion TownshipRheumatism and Resulting Heart Disease$9.99
101Louisa M. Jones168491Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipWidow$9.99April 1875
102David M. Jones223680Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipChronic Diarrhea$4.25December 1882
103Ephraim Jsmes145889Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Right Arm$6.00
104Charles Keischer4680New Bavaria, Pleasant TownshipInjury to Abdomen$8.00
105Mary Kilpatrick182486Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWidow$8.00November 1878
106Emerick Kirk75355Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Right Groin$9.99
107Henry Konzen132706Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Lower Lumbar Vertebra$8.00
108Harrison H. Lamb74227Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipParalysis, Right Arm$9.99
109Aaron Lantzenheiser127832Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Left Shoulder$4.00
110Nicholas Lapendahl85101New Bavaria, Pleasant TownshipWounded, Right Hand$9.99
111Henry Lazenby80378Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Right Arm$8.00
112Henry L. Leas195406Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipGun Shot Wound, Right Thigh$4.00September 1881
113Isaac Leirnsparger30234Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipWounded, Left Leg, Compound Fracture$9.99
114William Leitner107896Colton, Washington TownshipWounded, Left Forearm$6.00
115George W. Lowery133419Hamler, Marion TownshipWounded, Right Breast$6.00
116Samuel Martin52701Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Left Wrist$9.99
117Mearrison J. Marvin60304Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Right Arm$6.00
118Dyer R. Mathews138154Colton, Washington TownshipVaricose Veins both Legs$8.00
119Sarah McClure80172McClure, Damascus TownshipDependent Mother$8.00August 1866
120Hiram W. McGloue26953Texas, Washington TownshipLoss of Right Leg$9.99
121Henry McHenry215818Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipChronic Diarrhea$9.99July 1882
122William McKee216920Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipDeafness, Left Ear$1.00August 1882
123Rachel McKibben26022Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWidow$8.00July 1879
124Basil Middleton113410Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipChronic Diarrhea and Injury to Abdomen$9.99
125Jane Miller85127Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipWidow$8.00October 1866
126William Moore118224Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipDisease of Eyes$9.99
127Emeline Murray57313Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipWidow$8.00
128William Nanna120132Deshler, Bartlow TownshipWounded, Right Thigh$4.00
129Margaret A. Naugle30922Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWidow$8.00
130Alexander Noble171022Deshler, Bartlow TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Side$4.00June 1880
131William C. Norcross186690Colton, Washington TownshipChronic Diarrhea$6.00April 1881
132Geo. M. Ostrander117840Florida, Flatrock TownshipSore Eyes$6.00 1872
133Jesse Overhulse83315Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Left Hip$8.00
134Samuel Overmier51635Colton, Washington TownshipWounded, Left Arm$9.99
135Lorenzo Ozbill147801Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipDisease of Lungs$8.00
136James N. Palmerton118481Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipInjury to Abdomen$6.00
137Barnard Poorman108700Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipEnlargement of Spleen$9.99
138Nancy Pratt53757Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipDependent Mother$8.00August 1865
139Samuel Redman192448Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipChronic Diarrhea$4.00July 1881
140Elizabeth Reed179981Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipWidow$8.00February 1878
141Henry Rehm126831New Bavaria, Pleasant TownshipChronic Diarrhea$9.99
142George Reichart108810Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Left Foot$4.00
143Philip Reiger51347Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Left Leg$7.00
144Lewis Y. Richards220204Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipPartial Paralysis, Left Side, Disease of Stomach and Chronic Diarrhea$9.99November 1882
145John Roddy207081Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipGun Shot Wound, Right Thigh$4.00April 1882
146Frederick Rohde134195Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipInjury to Abdomen$9.99
147Thomas B. Roughton33280Ridgeville Corners, Ridgeville TownshipWounded, Right Leg$6.00
148Charles Roy68789Deshler, Bartlow TownshipWounded Left Leg$6.00
149Hannah E. Russell5545Deshler, Bartlow TownshipWidow$8.00
150Converse P. Russell32895Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipWounded, Right Leg$9.99
151Sarah I. Schofield185269New Bavaria, Pleasant TownshipWidow$8.00August 1879
152Wilson Schuyler99030Holgate, Pleasant TownshipWounded, Left Leg and Hand, Loss of 3rd Finger$8.00
153Philip C. Schwop62611New Bavaria, Pleasant TownshipGun Shot Wound, Right Leg$6.00
154Jacob Sence109726Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Left Shoulder$8.00
155Wm. B. Seymour4098Liberty Center, Liberty Township$2.00
156John Shelt183404Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Hip$2.00February 1881
157Frederick Sherman78265Deshler, Bartlow TownshipWound of Back$9.99
158David Sheurer216004Hamler, Marion TownshipInjury to Left Forearm$4.00July 1882
159Isaac J. Shoemaker134360Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipWounded, Left Hip$4.00
160John Shupe134890Florida, Flatrock TownshipInjury to Abdomen$4.00
161Ann E. Sisty90350Grelton, Richfield TownshipWidow$8.00February 1867
162Henry Snyder61385Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipGun Shot Wound, Right Leg and Disease of Eyes$9.99
163Francis M. Spangler75273Malinta, Monroe TownshipWounded, Left Ankle$8.00
164Catherine Speigel76110Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipDependent Mother$8.00June 1866
165George Stephens64219New Bavaria, Pleasant TownshipLoss Sight in Right Eye$4.00
166Jacob Stickley109655Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWounded, Right Leg$8.00
167Orlando B. Stout110891Florida, Flatrock TownshipWounded, Left Shoulder$4.00
168Christena Stout26715Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipWidow$8.00September 1879
169Amos Stricker79386Deshler, Bartlow TownshipWounded, Right Forearm$9.99
170Alvah C. ThomasDeshler, Bartlow TownshipGun Shot Wound of Abdomen$4.00
171David Thompson82346Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipWound of Face$8.00
172John Thrapp25048Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipSurvivor, War of 1812$8.00April 1879
173Mary Trail57277Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipDependent Mother$8.00August 1866
174Eli Van Horn148621Deshler, Bartlow TownshipWounded, Left Side$3.00October 1877
175Julius Vanhyning124411Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipInjury to Abdomen$8.00
176John B. Viers17133Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipWounded, Left Thigh$7.75
177Simon M. Wagoner202592Colton, Washington TownshipGun Shot Wound, Right Arm$4.00February 1882
178William H. Waltman196675Deshler, Bartlow TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Foot$4.00October 1881
179Jacob Westerman136729Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipInjury to Left Leg$4.00
180Joseph Westerman179681Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipChronic Diarrhea$4.00December 1880
181Zephaniah Wheeler186406Deshler, Bartlow TownshipShell Contusion, Left Side$4.00April 1880
182Benjamin S. Wheeler49022Ridgeville Corners, Ridgeville TownshipWounded, Left Arm$9.99
183William Whitaker201784Colton, Washington TownshipGun Shot Wound, Right Thigh$4.00January 1882
184Conrad Wiger145700Deshler, Bartlow TownshipInjury to Abdomen$4.00June 1877
185Luther L. Wilcox209409Elery, Monroe TownshipGun Shot Wound, Left Buttock$2.00May 1882
186Joseph A. Wills208655Holgate, Pleasant TownshipDisease of Eyes, Rheumatism and Diarrhea$4.00May 1882
187Sidney Winsor58470Holgate, Pleasant TownshipScurvy, Rheumatism and Disease of Abdominal Viscera.$8.00
188Sylvina Wright116655Liberty Center, Liberty TownshipDependent Mother$8.00September 1868
189Silas Wright143996Napoleon, Napoleon TownshipTotal Blindness and Partial Deafness$9.99March 1877

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