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Name Death Date Place of Death Birth Date Place of Birth Cemetery Unit War Comments
Lorenzo L. ADAMS2/24/1898Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio2/24/1846Forest HillCo. F, 68th OVICivil War
Walter (Burl) ADERMAN9/16/1976Napoleon, OH3/31/1927Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War II / Korean War
Roger G. ALEXANDER8/4/200210/31/1923Forest HillWorld War II
Don E. ALLEN8/1/19885/1/1913OhioForest HillWorld War II
Auburn H. ANDREWS3/13/19855/23/1918OhioForest HillWorld War II
Clarence C. ARMSTRONG2/12/1894Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War I
Montcalm ARMSTRONG5/14/1883Napoleon, OH5/30/1843Wayne Co., OHForest HillCo. B, 100th OVICivil War
Robert M. Jr. ARMSTRONG11/5/19446/7/1917Napoleon, OHForest Hill313th Regiment, 79th DivisionWorld War II
William P. ARMSTRONG10/8/1898Napoleon, OH12/11/1856Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. F, O.N.G., Charter MemeberSpanish-American War
Grover Cleveland AURAND9/18/1884Malinta, OHForest HillWorld War I
Russell J. AUSTERMILLER2/11/19916/5/1911OhioForest HillWorld War II
Carl BABCOCK5/25/1934Napoleon, OH12/26/1893Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. I, 101st Regiment, 26th DivisionWorld War I
Jack E. BABCOCK6/21/19786/30/1913OhioForest HillWorld War II
John D. BABCOCK5/9/1903Henry County, OH6/17/1844Henry Co., OHForest HillCo. A, 68th OVICivil War
Lawrence R. BABCOCK2/5/20001/3/1914Forest HillWorld War II
Okey E. BABCOCK4/6/1941Forest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
William B. BABCOCK7/7/1912Napoleon, OH7/7/1936OhioForest HillCo. A, 68th OVICivil War
Lewis O. BACHTAL3/5/19887/1/1922OhioForest HillWorld War II
William BADENHOP4/11/19828/25/1894Freedom Twp., Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Menno Simon BAILEY6/15/19462/26/1894Archbold, Fulton Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Alvin E. Jr. BAKER7/17/19793/7/1927OhioForest HillWorld War II
Jacob J. BAKER4/2/1922Napoleon, OH9/18/1846Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. C, 12th OVCCivil War
Albert W. BALLARDForest HillCo. I, 68th OVICivil War
Phillip BALLARD8/8/1905Henry Co., OH3/25/1817Gill, MSForest HillCo. I, 68th OVICivil War
Robert B. BARAGER5/12/1887Bryan, Williams Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Bernard Wm. BARGER9/7/197711/23/1922IllinoisForest HillWorld War II
Andrew BARNHART3/28/1898Napoleon, OH12/28/1829Adams Co., PAForest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
William J. BARR10/24/1894Florida, OH3/31/1843Fairfield Co., OHForest HillCo. A, 68th OVICivil War
Fred H. BARTELS3/19/197611/8/1893Hamler, OHForest HillWorld War I
August Carl BARTH6/16/1928Napoleon, OH8/1/1873GermanyForest HillCo. M, 6th OVISpanish-American War
Daniel BASCOM2/20/1903Napoleon, OH4/12/1844Ondago Co., NYForest HillCo. B, 184th OVICivil War
Stephen BASCOM3/29/1911Napoleon, OH7/16/1837Ondago Co., NYForest HillCo. D, 44th Illinois VICivil War
Donald A. BEARLY7/8/20009/12/1918Forest HillPeacetime Service
Ralph J. BEAVERSON2/5/1924Forest HillWorld War II
Clyde W. BECK5/22/1895Forest HillWorld War I
Elijah BECKHAM9/21/1918Wauseon, Fulton Co., OH6/28/1841Licking Co., OHForest HillCo. A, 76th OVICivil War
John D. BELKNAP7/14/1861Laurel Hill, WV12/26/1827Forest HillCo. F, 14th OVICivil War
Vernon F. BELTS6/22/1916Forest HillWorld War II
Huey W. BELUE9/0/19967/17/1938Forest HillPeacetime Service
Donald H. BERNICKE9/28/19782/11/1911Forest HillWorld War II
Lewis V. BETSON3/27/1915Napoleon, OH12/14/1824Frederick Co., MDForest HillCo. H, 68th OVICivil War
Isaac E. BETZ4/8/18914/10/1823Forest HillCo. L, 13th NY Heavy ArtilleryCivil War
Franklin BEVELHYMER2/16/1919France1887Malinta, OHForest HillBattery B, 322nd F.A.World War I
Herbert S. BEVELHYMER1/22/19971/24/1919Forest HillWorld War II
William L. BEVELHYMER1/31/19991/18/1934Forest HillPeacetime Service
Bryan E. BICKFORD1/19/1920Napoleon, OH3/28/1895Monroe Twp., Henry Co., OHForest HillBattery F, 5th Field Artillery, 1st DivisionWorld War I
Frederick L. BISCHOFF9/21/19972/9/1939Forest HillVietnam War
Allen E. BLISS1/6/1934Forest HillNot Marked
E. Howard BOND5/25/19785/10/1896IllinoisForest HillWorld War I
Hugo BONNOUGH4/21/1930Columbus, Franklin Co., OH12/5/1880Flatrock Twp., Henry Co., OHForest HillCo. F, 16th O.N.G.Spanish-American War
Jacob M. BONNOUGH10/15/190910/16/1848Crawford Co., OHForest HillCo. D, 68th OVICivil War
John BOOHER19131842Forest HillCivil War
Raymond BORSTELMAN7/28/19914/14/1924Forest HillWorld War II
John W. BOST1943Forest HillCo. B, 1st DivisionWorld War II
Eldor BOSTELMAN5/18/1972Napoleon Twp. Henry Co., OH8/25/1918Forest HillWorld War II
Otto E. BOSTELMAN6/5/19858/30/1917OhioForest HillWorld War II
Charles A. BOYD4/18/1885Forest HillWorld War I
Eldor F. BRAMER5/5/19817/21/1914OhioForest HillWorld War II
Fenton BROOKS3/20/1910Napoleon, OH11/1/1828Louden Co., VAForest HillCo. G, 163rd OVICivil War
James K. BROWN4/6/191611/8/1827Perry Co., OHForest HillCivil War
Louis T. BROWN4/21/1901Forest HillNot Marked
Arthur BRUNS11/16/19713/3/1910Marion Twp., Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War II
Edward R. BRYANT6/15/20007/24/1911Forest HillWorld War II
Donald C. BURROUGHS3/28/1897Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War I
Carl M. BUSCH9/2/1896Monroe Twp., Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Harold V. CANNON12/14/1952Napoleon, OH1/9/1919Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War II
Thomas CASTEEL3/21/1889Harrison Twp., Henry Co., OH4//1845Coshocton Co., OHForest HillCo. D, 189th OVICivil War
Marion T. CATELY1/19/1894Fulton Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
William A. CHOATE9/1/1864Jonesboro, GA1/18/1834Forest HillField and Staff, 38th OVICivil War
Ronnie Lee CHRISTIAN2/10/19891/11/1948Forest HillVietnam War
Andrew CHRISTY4/4/1920Fulton Co., OH9/9/1842Carey, OHForest HillCo. D, 14th OVICivil War
Daniel CHRISTY9/23/1887Napoleon, OH2/16/1817Franklin Co., OHForest HillCo. E, 80th OVICivil War
Harry CHRISTY1/25/1891Napoleon, OHForest HillSupply Co., 147th Regiment, 37th DivisionWorld War I
Robert A. CLAIR9/19/19684/25/1927Forest HillWorld War II
Thomas V. CLATY12/31/19599/22/1892Colton, OHForest Hill6th Battery Field ArtilleryWorld War I
Delbert B. CLAY5/28/19863/21/1902Forest HillWorld War II
Tilgman C. CLEWELL2/5/1920Napoleon, OH9/9/1848Hampton Co., PAForest HillCo. F, O.N.G.Peacetime Service
Robert A. CLINE9/24/1992Forest HillWorld War II
George W. COCKE8/27/1931Napoleon, OH8/19/1842Perry Co., OHForest HillCo. D, 32nd OVICivil War
Jack F. CODY3/15/19786/4/1919Forest HillWorld War II
Dewey L. COLLINS10/24/19944/8/1932Forest HillPeacetime Service
Robert E. COMPTON5/2/199912/12/1925Forest HillWorld War II
L.M. COOVERForest HillCo. E, 200th PA InfantryCivil War
James CORNELL12/24/1926Napoleon, OH1849Forest HillCo. B, 11th U.S.I.Unknown
Charles D. CORTRIGHT11/6/19807/2/1935IndianaForest HillVietnam War
John H. COTHRAN8/31/1925Napoleon, OH5/20/1851Orleans Co., NYForest HillCo. F, O.N.G.Peacetime Service
Wallace COWDRICK2/14/1895Napoleon, OHForest HillBattery, 16th Field ArtilleryWorld War I
Bernard C. CRAWFORD8/6/19976/13/1924Forest HillWorld War II
James CRAWFORD2/1/1911Henry Co., OH12/23/1830Coshocton Co., OHForest HillCo. C, 142nd OVICivil War
Walter G. CRAWFORD12/17/1892Cleveland, OHForest HillWorld War I
Eber CROCKETT9/21/1862Bolivar, TN4/1/1846Forest HillCo. D, 68th OVICivil War
William E. CROCKETT5/13/1921Napoleon, OH1/17/1874Forest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
Bryan D. CROSSER3/19/19752/18/1948Forest HillKorean War / Vietnam War
Ralph K. CROSSER11/23/1888Forest HillWorld War I
George Leo CRUEY2/8/1921Forest HillQuartermaster Corp.World War II
Orville R. CRUEY3/23/1897Forest HillWorld War II
John V. CUFF12/4/19812/23/1908Forest HillWorld War II
John CUNNINGHAM6/2/19019/20/1818Forest HillCo. I, 43rd OVICivil War
Stephen CUNNINGHAMForest HillCo. I, 68th OVICivil War
John W. DAMAN5/12/19927/14/1925OhioForest HillWorld War II
Morris R. DASO7/6/20021/19/1917Forest HillWorld War II
William Louis DAUM6/9/1936Forest HillKorean War
Hollis W. DAVENPORT6/11/1914Napoleon, OH9/4/1836OhioForest HillCo. I, 41st OVICivil War
John DAVIS5/12/1921Henry Co., OH11/18/1845Wayne Co., OHForest HillCo. A, 68th OVICivil War
William H. DEHNBOSTEL4/15/19614/28/1891Henry Co., OHForest Hill12th Co., 3rd Tr. Bn., 158th Depot Brig.World War I
Loyd E. DENNIE2/6/197910/13/1910OhioForest HillWorld War II
Ferdinand DETMER7/4/1928Monroe Twp., Henry Co., OH5/25/1844GermanyForest HillCo. C, 9th OVCCivil War
James DEVORE10/9/1884Forest HillNot Marked
Moses C. DICKEY4/18/1904Forest HillPeacetime Service
Albert E. DICKMAN8/11/19928/8/1921OhioForest HillWorld War II
Alton R. DIEMER5/19/19741/28/1915Forest HillWorld War II
Frederick DIEMER11/27/1913Napoleon, OH9/13/1848GermanyForest HillCo. G, 68th OVICivil War
Russell L. DIEMER3/13/1944Forest HillWorld War II
Kenneth L. DIETRICH6/3/200412/1/1920OhioForest HillWorld War II
Charles R. DILLE7/21/19941/7/1935Forest HillPeacetime Service
Lester F. DILS3/23/19857/8/1918MichiganForest HillWorld War II
Frank C. DIRINGER9/23/1892Defiance, Defiance Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Shane E. DONLEY9/29/20001/23/1974Forest HillNot Marked
Donald DONNELLY6/12/19849/24/1930MichiganForest HillKorean War
Boyd DUNBAR5/10/1928Napoleon, OH1/10/1843Hancock Co., OHForest HillCo. A, 68th OVICivil War
John DUNBAR8/2/1899Napoleon, OH10/20/1838Hancock Co., OHForest HillCo. A, 68th OVICivil War
John V. DUNLAP11/17/1904Forest HillNot Marked
Larry G. DUNMIRE4/12/19918/16/1940OhioForest HillVietnam War
Perry C.S. DURBIN5/4/1913Delta, Fulton Co., OH3/14/1840Holmes Co., OHForest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Eugene V. DYE2/22/19894/2/1914OhioForest HillWorld War II
Nelson W. EBERLE8/13/19934/22/1932OhioForest HillKorean War
Kenneth M. EDWARDS1/8/19869/1/1915OhioForest HillWorld War II
William Scott EDWARDS8/21/1898Chickamauga, Georgia6/29/1874Henry Co., OHForest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
Ferdinand EICKHOFF2/4/19799/20/1895Hamler, OHForest HillWorld War I
Herbert K. EICKHOFF7/31/19953/6/1922Forest HillWorld War II
Norbert John EICKHOFF5/3/19866/18/1923OhioForest HillWorld War II
William C. EIDSON3/19/18762/2/1838Forest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Walter H. ELLING3/24/19883/22/1931OhioForest HillKorean War
Robert J. ENZ3/9/19797/22/1918Forest HillPeacetime Service
Dewey C. FACKLER3/27/1949Napoleon, OH12/1/1898Henry Co., OHForest Hill64th InfantryWorld War II
Jay S. FACKLER3/13/19769/16/1895Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Robert E. FAHRINGER4/8/1923Forest HillWorld War II
Carl W. FARISON2/15/19765/14/1892Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War I
Henry H. FAST2/3/1896Holgate3/25/1838Troy, Ashland Co., OHForest HillCo. I, 68th OVICivil War
Benjamin FAUROT2/9/1915Napoleon, OH9/5/1832OhioForest HillCo. B, 184th OVICivil War
Alva A. FERGUSON2/27/1931Napoleon, OH1861Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. F, 16th O.N.G.Spanish-American War
Jacob H. FINNEY9/28/1915Mercer Co., PA10/10/1842York Co., PAForest HillCo. D, 1st Regiment PA ReservesCivil War
James Wesley FISHER6/19/1921Napoleon, OH1831VirginiaForest HillCo. A, 192nd OVICivil War
Jerry E. FITCH8/10/19974/11/1963Forest HillPeacetime Service
Emil C. FITZENREITER9/10/19809/16/1902OhioForest HillWorld War II
Arthur D. FLEW2/21/19884/30/1920OhioForest HillWorld War II
John C. FLOYD10/18/19871/5/1922MississippiForest HillWorld War II
Jesse Julius FOSTER19701894Elery, Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Albert F. FOUTS3/21/19955/5/1917Forest HillWorld War II
Ray N. FRANK12/5/1929Napoleon, OH7/3/1895Napoleon, OHForest HillU.S.S. HuntingtonWorld War I
John D. FRANZ4/26/19786/25/1929OhioForest HillKorean War
Daniel W. FREASE5/20/1917Napoleon, OH7/7/1837OhioForest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
William FRENCH11/29/1914Napoleon, OH7/18/1847OhioForest HillCo. F, 9th OVCCivil War
Frederick FREPPEL12/13/197811/7/1907OhioForest HillWorld War II
Fred FROEHLICH19281837Forest HillCivil War
John E. FRUCHEY11/15/199810/13/1922Forest HillWorld War II
Norman H. FRUTH5/21/19999/30/1911Forest HillWorld War II
Henry W. FUHRHOP1/30/199812/14/1919Forest HillWorld War II
William Jr. FUNCHION6/19/19879/1/1918OhioForest HillWorld War II
Alfred FUNKHOUSER12/8/1922Toledo, Lucas Co., OH1889Wauseon, Fulton Co., OHForest HillCo. D, 48th Regiment, 20th DivisionWorld War I
Cecil L. GARDNER1/11/1960Napoleon, OH7/19/1875OhioForest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
Karl A. GATHMAN11/2/20024/15/1922Forest HillWorld War II
Edward Henry GENUIT10/9/19873/1/1896Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
George GERMANE11/15/1906Toldeo, Lucas Co., OH1833New YorkForest HillRegimental Band, 65th OVICivil War
John Carl GERMANN12/20/19814/28/1907OhioForest HillPeacetime Service
Marian GILLETTE11/4/20033/19/1921OhioForest HillWorld War II
James H. GILLILAND2/11/20027/14/1926Forest HillWorld War II
Richard F. GOLDSBERRY10/16/1889Pleasant Twp. Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Frank F. GORDON5/19/1976Napoleon, OH11/28/1892Defiance, Defiance Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Lester L. GRANT1/21/198512/28/1895Defiance, Defiance Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Charles R. GRAY5/30/20004/27/1933Forest HillKorean War
Timothy M. GREEN1/15/1913Napoleon, OH1/14/1841Seneca Co., OHForest HillCo. H, 101st OVICivil War
Henry GREENHAGEN1/2/19706/27/1895Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Jesse F. Jr. GREGORY6/30/198011/9/1925VirginiaForest HillWorld War II
Daniel GRIM11/27/1914Napoleon, OH8/1/1844PennsylvaniaForest HillCo. H, 90th OVICivil War
William GRIM4/27/1865Mississippi River4/7/1827Forest HillCo. C, 9th OVCCivil War
Manasseh GROVE11/19/1922Monroe Twp. Henry Co., OH8/15/1837OhioForest HillCo. B, 55th OVICivil War
Lawrence W. GUDGER10/18/200012/24/1918Forest HillNot Marked
Herman R. GUELDE6/18/1914Forest HillWorld War II
George H. GUNN7/11/1935Henry Co., OHForest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
Herman F. HAASE3/4/1936Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH11/26/1894Okolona, OHForest HillCo. I, 23rd Regiment, 2nd DivisionWorld War I
James H. HAGERTY19421873Forest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
Franklin H. HAHN3/4/20049/3/1919OhioForest HillWorld War II
Joseph C. HALEY5/12/1908Napoleon, OH8/8/1848Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. F, O.N.G.Spanish-American War
William HALTER18641824Forest HillCo. D, 14th OVICivil War
James G. HALY7/24/1890Napoleon, OH12/6/1816Holmes Co., OHForest Hill68th OVICivil War
Robert D. HARBESON11/12/199212/27/1941New JerseyForest HillVietnam War
Clarence Alfred HARDY11/6/19578/12/1899Bryan, Williams Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Robert HARMON7/30/19749/28/1923OhioForest HillWorld War II
Robert Leland HARRIS7/7/20045/15/1916OhioForest HillWorld War II
Eugene B. HARRISON4/15/1906Napoleon, OH5/21/1831Dover, EnglandForest Hill68th OVICivil War
Cecil C. HARTMAN1/11/19923/18/1924OhioForest HillWorld War II
Daniel V. HARTMAN9/6/1933Napoleon, OH1/4/1845OhioForest HillCo. C, 9th OVCCivil War
Edward Sheffield HARTMAN4/5/1932Napoleon, OH4/29/1890Holgate, OHForest Hill147th RegimentWorld War I
Glenn Neal HARTMAN1/24/20041/27/1949OhioForest HillVietnam War
Levi HARTMAN6/28/1923Napoleon, OH10/2/1829PennsylvaniaForest HillPennsylvania InfantryMexican War
Nathaniel H. HARTMAN9/13/1886Napoleon, OH7/31/1835Forest HillCo G, 163rd OVICivil War
Richard Watson HARTMAN7/28/1938Napoleon, OH1843Forest HillCo. F, 68th OVICivil War
William H. HARTMANForest HillCo. F, 14th O.N.G.Civil War
John HAUSCHILD11/21/198210/11/1906OhioForest HillWorld War II
Robert H. HAWKINS12/28/19997/14/1929Forest HillKorean War
William I. HAYNES11/8/1900Napoleon, OH1843Forest HillCo. D, 68th OVICivil War
Thomas HEALY2/28/18821843Forest HillCivil War
Raymond Murl HEASTON9/11/1897Forest HillWorld War I
Floyd C. HEATH8/1/19883/6/1927OhioForest HillWorld War II
Herbert J. HECKLER19721898Malinta, OHForest HillWorld War I
John HEES11/22/1899Harrison Twp., Henry Co., OH12/16/1821Forest HillCo. A, 37th OVICivil War
Charles L. HEILMAN4/1/1897Holgate, OHForest Hill571 Mtr. Truck Co. MTCWorld War I
George HELLER1/27/1919Sandusky Co., OH8/1/1842Bucyrus, Crawford Co., OHForest HillCo. G, 10th OVCCivil War
Daniel HESS5/8/1928Napoleon, OH5/5/1841GermanyForest HillCo. B, 100th OVICivil War
Larry E. HICKS2/19/1932Forest HillKorean War
Daniel E. HILGENDORF7/22/1908Denver, Colorado5/19/1876Toledo, Lucas Co., OHForest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
James A. HOEFFEL12/27/19811/27/1931Forest HillKorean War
Albert W. HOFF7/28/1966Napoleon, OH7/16/1895Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War I
David Charles HOFFER12/13/19675/17/1936Detroit, MIForest HillKorean War
Charles A. HOFFMAN1/21/1956Napoleon, OH3/24/1877Champaign Co., OHForest HillCas. Det. 13th Regiment CavalrySpanish-American War
Franklin M. HOFFMAN12/22/20012/28/1907Forest HillWorld War II
James M. HOFFMAN1/5/1918Vestaburg, MI1/27/1843Seneca Co., OHForest HillCo. C, 55th OVICivil War
Carl HOGREFE2/24/1897Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War I
Arthur HOHENBERGER5/29/19973/27/1926Forest HillWorld War II
Philo H. HOLLY9/4/1864Andersonville, Georgia8/5/1832Forest HillCo. B, 100th OVICivil War
Wm. HOLMES11/28/18841838Forest HillCo. A, 48th OVICivil War
Harry W. HOLTON8/21/1892Morgan, KYForest HillWorld War I
Hobert HOLTON3/24/1897Berry Station, KYForest Hill135th Field Artillery, 37th DivisionWorld War I
Samuel HOMAN4/30/1902Napoleon, OH3/18/1825Sugar Creek Twp., Wayne Co., OHForest HillCo. F, 14th OVICivil War
Samuel R. HOMAN8/16/20001/16/1910Forest HillWorld War II
Robert E. HOOVER8/29/19947/27/1921Forest HillWorld War II
William F. HOOVER2/14/19873/30/1924OhioForest HillWorld War II
Charles J. HOUTS9/9/19943/31/1931Forest HillKorean War
Floyd W. HOVEY10/29/197711/1/1896Florida, OHForest HillWorld War I
Howard G. HUDDLE2/14/19812/7/1897Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War I
Albert B. HUGHES12/29/1902Marion, IN9/15/1838Henry Co., OHForest HillCo. F, 48th OVICivil War
William H. HUNT3/16/19741/24/1921IowaForest HillWorld War II
Hascal E. HURD8/23/1919Napoleon, OH8/27/1846OhioForest HillCo. D, 38th OVICivil War
Orla E. HUSTON8/11/1890Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War I
Walter R. HUSTON9/23/199010/12/1912OhioForest HillWorld War II
William Alan HUSTWICK6/21/1908Forest HillWorld War II
Victor K. ILIFF8/29/19925/25/1933TennesseeForest HillVietnam War
Carl W. INGLE8/8/19751/3/1893Pemberville, Wood Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
John W. INGLE3/27/1898Holgate2/17/1836Forest HillCo. I, 68th OVICivil War
Charles W. JACKSON12/31/1924Napoleon, OH3/23/1863MichiganForest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
John F. JACKSON2/28/20039/24/1915OhioForest HillWorld War II
Ferdinand H. JAHN9/17/1894Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War I
George A. JAHN2/6/1887Rock Island, IowaForest HillWorld War I
Herman H. JAHN12/9/1921Napoleon, OH4/28/1849Fehrman, GermanyForest HillPeacetime Service
Clair W. JOHNSON9/13/19919/14/1931OhioForest HillKorean War
Ned E. JUDSON5/31/200412/29/1923OhioForest HillWorld War II
Louis L. JUNGE9/19/199711/29/1926Forest HillWorld War II
Harry W. KEIFER2/15/1923Forest Hill200 Ord. Depot Co.World War II
Thomas C. KEIFER4/3/20024/30/1915Forest HillWorld War II
Clayton F. KELLEY5/24/19777/28/1894Forest HillWorld War I
D.H. KELLEYForest HillCo. H, 3rd OVCCivil War
James F. KENNEDY7/8/1861Forest HillSpanish-American War
David F. KILPATRICK10/19/1864Henry Co., OH1829IrelandForest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Charles Foster KING9/6/195710/5/1879Forest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
Mel C. KING7/6/19901/28/1908OhioForest HillWorld War II
Norman C. KING4/11/19901/18/1907OhioForest HillWorld War II
Gayle S. KLEIN12//1923Toledo, Lucas Co., OH1891Forest HillWorld War I
Charles J. KLOTZ9/17/1889Malinta, OHForest HillWorld War I
Richard R. KNAPP1/3/1914Forest HillWorld War II
Franklin Perry KNEPLEY7/2/197910/8/1910OhioForest HillWorld War II
Walter A. KNEPLEY1/1/19767/8/1897Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Clarence O. KNIPP8/17/1889Findlay, Hancock Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Gotthard KOCH4/20/1925Napoleon, OH9/21/1844GermanyForest HillCo. K, 57th OVICivil War
LaMont H. KOLBE8/12/19549/8/1892Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. M, 145th RegimentWorld War I
Lamont R. KOLBE8/2/19743/14/1922Forest HillWorld War II
Luther R. KOLBE3/9/19653/14/1922Napoleon, OHForest Hill14th Tank Bn., 9th Armored DivisionWorld War II
Ervin Ernest KOPPENHOFER11/14/1972Napoleon, OH4/25/1926Elery, OHForest HillWorld War II
Lewis O. KOPPENHOFER1/8/20039/17/1927OhioForest HillWorld War II
Francis Gale KRAMER2/26/1930Mansfield, Richland Co., OH11/12/1900OhioForest HillWorld War I
Otto KRAMER7/18/1903Forest HillWorld War II
Eldor KRUSE1/12/1960Grelton, OH7/6/1923Henry Co., OHForest Hill3rd Ord. Med. Main Co.World War II
George Alvin Jr. KRUSE6/29/1969Napoleon, OH1/29/1927Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War II
Herbert C. KRUSE9/30/19855/21/1928OhioForest HillKorean War
Victor Carl KRUSE10/30/19708/10/1930Henry Co., OHForest HillKorean War
Lawrence H. KURTZ3/4/197910/14/1907Forest HillWorld War II
Robert L. KURTZ1/20/1931Forest HillKorean War
Wallace J. LATTA4/7/19777/8/1922Forest HillWorld War II
Aaron LAUTZENHEISER3/21/19143/5/1838Forest HillCo. I, 4th OVCCivil War
Ford L. LAZENBY4/24/1892Forest HillWorld War I
John LEARYForest HillCo. B, 68th OVICivil War
Perry LEARYForest HillCo. D, 124th OVICivil War
Frank LEBAY7/25/1906Henry Co., OH5/12/1830FranceForest HillCo. C, 9 OVCCivil War
Joseph R. LECKLIDER8/23/1959McClure, OH4/8/1922Perrysburg, Wood Co., OHForest Hill3502 AAF Base UnitWorld War II
Thaddeus LEMERT1/11/1863Arkansas8/6/1837Forest HillCo. A, 76th OVICivil War
Harrison LEMON11/17/1929Fulton Co., OH1847Bedford Co., PAForest HillCo. H, 118th OVICivil War
Franklin E. LEONARD3/3/19964/20/1907Forest HillWorld War II
Glen Virgil LEONARD11/3/19816/7/1899Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Alonzo LESSICK9/7/1926Toledo, Lucas Co., OH1844Forest HillCo. I, 12th OVCCivil War
Doyle L. LEVECK8/23/19991/12/1938Forest HillWorld War II
Kenneth M. LIGHTHILL11/15/19854/9/1915Forest HillWorld War II
Adam LIGHTHISER10/22/1912Napoleon, OH6/26/1845Lancaster Co., PAForest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
George LIGHTHISER12/11/1930Toledo, Lucas Co., OH2/8/1840Lancaster Co., PAForest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
William LIGHTHISER8/31/1910Henry Co., OH2/11/1842Lancaster Co., PAForest HillCo. G, 163rd OVICivil War
Donald F. LONG4/27/19976/12/1918Forest HillWorld War II
Harry R. LOWRY1/27/1931Napoleon, OH10/1/1881Henry Co., OHForest Hill147th Regiment, 57th DivisionSpanish-American War / World War I
Russell W. LOWRY2/17/19869/25/1914OhioForest HillWorld War II
Albert E. LUDEMAN9/22/198311/28/1912OhioForest HillWorld War II
Frances E. LUDEMAN2/23/19864/28/1916OhioForest HillWorld War II
Fred Arthur LUDEMAN9/21/196911/26/1895Napoleon Twp., Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
James Franklin LUDEMANN8/4/1972Okolona, OH9/21/1936Lima, Allen Co., OHForest HillKorean War
Martin Brockerman LUEBKER3/3/1949Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH5/18/1923Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War II
Henry F. LULFS8/12/19947/22/1913Forest HillWorld War II
Hubert LYMANGROVER8/21/1916Forest HillWorld War II
Arthur MAASSEL12/26/19965/27/1919Forest HillWorld War II
Otto W. MALLOW7/2/1920Napoleon, OH4/4/1897Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. K, 147th EngineersWorld War I
Dayl E. MANN2/22/1926Napoleon, OH4/22/1878OhioForest HillCo. F, 6th O.N.G.Peacetime Service
Earl E. Sr. MANN4/21/19888/10/1926OhioForest HillWorld War II
Ernest Fred MANN3/4/19601/27/1891Delta, Fulton Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Royal C. MANN1/29/199211/6/1915OhioForest HillWorld War II
Titus L. MANN3/11/1907Napoleon, OH4//1827PennsylvaniaForest HillCo. B, 27th OVICivil War
Samuel MARGRAT2/10/1900Fostoria, OHForest HillCo. G, 163rd OVICivil War
David MARISForest HillCo. D, 68th OVICivil War
Leander MARISForest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
William MARISForest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Ferdinand MARKET12/8/1932Napoleon, OH10/17/1845GermanyForest HillCo. H, 88th OVICivil War
John G. MARKLEY11/7/1921Malinta12/25/1846Crawford Co., OHForest HillCo. C, 49th OVICivil War
Christ MARLOW9/5/190412/25/1823Forest HillCo. F, 68th OVICivil War
Nathan C. MARTIN7/31/1871Forest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
Samuel MARTIN1/3/1917Napoleon, OH6/4/1836OhioForest HillCo. D, 123rd OVICivil War
Morrison J. MARVIN7/22/1906Napoleon, OH8/4/1844Forest HillCo. E, 10th OVCCivil War
Bruce D. MCBANEForest HillCo. H, 124th OVICivil War
John MCBANEForest HillCo. F, 68th OVICivil War
Carey E. MCCANN8/12/18721841Forest HillField and Staff, 68th OVICivil War
Cynthia A. MCCLORY8/17/19978/7/1964Forest HillPeacetime Service
George William MCCOLLY2/22/20044/25/1921OhioForest HillWorld War II
Leo H. MCCOLLY9/12/19858/5/1914OhioForest HillWorld War II
Russell F. MCCOLLY9/28/20049/20/1917OhioForest HillWorld War II
Charles R. MCCOMB6/16/1932Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. D, 189th OVICivil War
Chester MCCOMB11/25/1965Napoleon, OH12/4/1882Sidney, OHForest HillWorld War I
Edward D. MCCOMB5/15/1948Napoleon, OH7/3/1895Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. M, 101st Regiment, 26th DivisionWorld War I
James Russell MCCOMB11/9/1898Forest HillNot Marked
James M. MCEWEN4/15/1901Holgate4/7/1838Seneca Co., OHForest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Charles William MCGHEE10/22/197611/9/1921Forest HillWorld War II
William MCHENRY5/9/1925Sandusky Co., OH5/21/1845Seneca Co., OHForest HillCo. I, 125th OVICivil War
Thomas MCINTOSH18841847Forest HillCo. F, O.N.G.Peacetime Service
Oliver L. MEARS7/28/19919/8/1893Clyde, OHForest HillWorld War I
Charles MEYER12/15/1907Napoleon, OH8/6/1831Wittenberg, GermanyForest HillRegimental Band, 14th OVICivil War
Ernest John MEYER6/10/1905Forest Hill1380 Base UnitNot Marked
Charles F. MEYERS19351868Forest HillCo. M., 6th OVISpanish-American War
Ephriam MICKLEY12/5/1897Napoleon, OH3//1819PennsylvaniaForest HillCo. F, 14th OVICivil War
Albert C. MILLER12/9/1887Florida, OHForest HillWorld War I
Marion MILLER9/16/19867/1/1918Forest HillWorld War II
Ralph E. MILLER10/7/19655/20/1892Forest HillWorld War I
Raymond F. MILLER8/2/19949/16/1920Forest HillWorld War II
Thaddeus E. MILLER3/12/1890Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Davison MILLHOUSE4/18/1931Defiance, Defiance Co., OH1844Piqua, OHForest HillCo. E, 14th OVICivil War
David MITCHELL19161834Forest HillCo. B, 22nd OVICivil War
James H. MODEN4/24/19861/8/1906OhioForest HillMedical CorpsWorld War II
Daris R. MOHLER1/18/20035/9/1914Forest HillWorld War II
Donald H. MOORHEAD2/23/20014/8/1915Forest HillWorld War II
James Robert MOREHART9/23/20038/15/1955Forest HillPeacetime Service
John D. MORROW9/7/18709/28/1847Forest HillCo. F, 68th OVICivil War
George Gilbert MOTTER3/2/19638/24/1893Henry Co., OHForest HillCo. E, 329th RegimentWorld War I
Ludwig C. MULLER1/20/1916Forest HillWorld War II
John MURPHY6/24/1885Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. F, 68th OVICivil War
David MUSSER12/1/1921Napoleon, OH10/11/1828Union Co., PAForest HillCo. F, 102nd OVICivil War
George S. MYERSForest HillCo. D, 14th OVICivil War
Harold E. NAGEL10/18/20031/16/1929Forest HillKorean War
Otto NAGEL3/2/1939Toledo, Lucas Co., OH11/3/1895Ridgeville Twp., Henry Co., OHForest HillCo. L, 332nd Regiment, 83rd DivisionWorld War I
Harry C. NARTKER5/22/19918/22/1915OhioForest HillWorld War II
Phillip NAUGLE2/15/1863Murfreesboro, TN9/25/1825Forest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Jay NEEDHAM4/1/1887Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War I
Oscar J. NEELY9/27/1864Newbern, N.C.1845Forest Hill23rd NY Light ArtilleryCivil War
Frank NEFF12/18/1913Bellevue, OH11/19/1846Fairfield Co., OHForest HillCo. D, 124th OVICivil War
Michael NEFF3/8/1906Napoleon, OH5/8/1824Fairfield Co., OHForest HillCo. D, 68th OVICivil War
Merrill V. NELSON2/23/20043/27/1944NebraskaForest HillVietnam War
Charles W. NEWTON8/29/1911Henry Co., OH1/16/1845Medina Co., OHForest HillCo. I, 14th OVICivil War
Reuben E. NYSWANDER2/28/1928Napoleon, OH8/16/1842Fairfield Co., OHForest HillMember Squirrel HuntersCivil War
Jeremiah L. OMWAKE4/22/1910Henry Co., OH4/20/1829PennsylvaniaForest HillCo. I, 101st OVICivil War
Glen A. OVERHULSE5/1/19856/4/1903Malinta, OHForest HillWorld War I
Jesse A. OVERHULSE10/1/1889Henry Co., OH1828Forest HillCo. G, 66th OVICivil War
Ernest Leroy PACEY10/7/1971Napoleon, OH11/16/1893Hamler, OHForest HillWorld War I
Charles E. PALMER2/21/1912Soroco, New Mexico1873Forest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
Ellsworth R. PALMER6/26/19885/13/1916PennsylvaniaForest HillWorld War II / Korean War
John A. PALMER18631844Forest HillCivil War
Rundle PALMER5/24/1914Napoleon, OH10/14/1846OhioForest HillCo. D, 68th OVICivil War
Thomas Orville PALMER2/18/1972Napoleon, OH6/29/1905Tiffin Twp., Defiance Co., OHForest HillWorld War II
William H. PALMER4/2/18953/14/1815New YorkForest HillCivil War
Emil PANNING11/20/19855/16/1915OhioForest HillWorld War II
Herald Herman PANNING5/26/1972Malinta9/13/1936Bartlow Twp. Henry Co., OHForest HillVietnam War
Thomas PARSONS11/18/1912Napoleon, OH6/22/1833Forest HillCo. D, 68th OVICivil War
Clarence PATRICK1/31/1924Fort Wayne, IN8/8/1891Napoleon, OHForest HillHq. Co. 327th Field ArtilleryWorld War I
John PATRICK12/15/18681795Forest HillCaptain Jacob Ulp's CompanyWar of 1812
Isaac PATTERSON6/8/1894Napoleon, OH12/24/1839Henry Co., OHForest HillCo. C, 182nd OVICivil War
Millard F. PATTERSON11/21/1924Napoleon, OH8/18/1874Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. E, 39th U.S.V.I.Spanish-American War
Ralph W. PATTERSON1/6/20049/26/1910OhioForest HillWorld War II
Dietrich Leon PAULEY12/6/198612/21/1937OhioForest HillNot Marked
Blaine H. PENNY8/15/1914Forest Hill705 CIC Det.World War II
Edward R. PFAHLERT10/13/19989/9/1923Forest HillWorld War II / Korean War
Henry PLASSMAN5/20/19891/3/1917OhioForest HillWorld War II
Charles Jr. POLKER12/6/19847/14/1900New YorkForest HillWorld War II
Irvin POLLOM2/26/19743/7/1900IndianaForest HillWorld War I
Benjamin F. PONTIUS10/25/1908Napoleon, OH11/4/1841Piqua, OHForest HillCo. B, 164th OVICivil War
Hazael Benjamin POWELL11/21/1896Napoleon, OH2/24/1837Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Samuel Magill POWELL1/2/1914Napoleon, OH9/3/1833New YorkForest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Volney POWELL10/20/1870South Carolina8/10/1838Henry Co., OHForest HillCo. G, 163rd OVICivil War
Homer Lee POWERS5/6/197811/5/1926OhioForest HillWorld War II
William PRECHT7/12/1963Napoleon, OH8/4/1891Freedom Twp., Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
William H. PRIOR11/27/1894Woodville, OHForest HillCo. E, 38th RegimentWorld War I
James N. PUTT6/24/1938Napoleon, OH1859Forest HillCo. F, 16th O.N.G.Peacetime Service
Cloyd RAKESTRAW10/2/1918Camp Sherman, OH11/20/1893Napoleon, OHForest HillHq. & Supply Co. 12th Regiment Field ArtilleryWorld War I
L. G. RANDALL5/14/1897Napoleon, OH8/10/1830Rockland, MaineForest Hill68th OVICivil War
Oscar P. RANDALL9/1/1864Jonesboro, GA6/1/1844Forest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
William T. RANDALL2/9/1910Napoleon, OH11/12/1831Thomiston, MaineForest HillCo. K, 124th OVICivil War
Doris RAUSCH11/5/19787/21/1907OhioForest HillWorld War II
Paul D. RAUSCH6/7/20041/24/1921OhioForest HillWorld War II
Charlie F. REED4/25/1887Forest HillWorld War I
Peter REED4/2/1903Harrison Twp., Henry Co., OH5/14/1830Forest HillCo. K, 67th OVICivil War
Wren T. REESE5/21/19997/8/1931Forest HillKorean War
Glenn Dale REID4/29/197512/15/1890Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War I
John REIDELBAUGH8/13/1955Birmingham, MI2/4/1892Napoleon, OHForest HillSupply Co., 16th Field ArtilleryWorld War I
George REIGER12/10/1911Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. G, 124th OVICivil War
Mathias J. REISER5/9/1960Napoleon, OH2/6/1917Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War II / Korean War
Ronald N. RELUE1/2/19933/29/1919OhioForest HillWorld War II
Nelson C. RETTIG3/10/20025/10/1927Forest HillWorld War II
Gerald E. RICHARDS4/1/19884/23/1928OhioForest HillKorean War
Henry J. RIEBESEL2/27/1970Napoleon, OH2/14/1925Okolona, OHForest HillWorld War II
J. D. RITTER11/3/1912Napoleon, OH4/9/1848OhioForest HillCo. B, 184th OVICivil War
Warren A. RITTER12/24/1936Napoleon, OH1878Forest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
Walter Dee ROCKWELL9/30/1935Detroit, MI8/24/1895Wauseon, Fulton Co., OHForest HillNaval Air Station, Brest FranceWorld War I
Albert S. RODDY12/11/1889Ridgeville, OHForest HillWorld War I
Edward L. ROHDA6/30/19845/26/1912OhioForest HillWorld War II
Charles H. ROHRS11/13/197912/4/1915OhioForest HillWorld War I
George ROONEY6/16/1919Napoleon, OH12/14/1836Mt. Vernon, OHForest HillCo. H, 145th OVICivil War
Thomas J. ROSE1/24/1896Napoleon, OH12/1/1830Fairfield Co., OHForest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Elwin ROWE12/14/1907Forest HillWorld War II
Louise RUETZ12/6/19663/1/1886Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War I
William J. RUETZ2/23/19945/17/1919OhioForest HillWorld War II
Andrew Jackson SAYGERS1/5/1901Napoleon, OH10/17/1834Shenendoah Co., VAForest HillCo. E, 17th OVICivil War
Eula M. SAYGERS10/20/1918Florence, AL5/2/1885Napoleon, OHForest HillBase Hospital, AlabamaWorld War I
Robert L. SAYGERS4/26/1946Battle Creek Hospital10/16/1903Forest Hill1594 Engrs.World War II
Henry F. SCHEIG12/26/19483/9/1891Braddock, PAForest HillArmy Hq. Co.World War I
Robert Lincoln SCHNEIDER8/28/1973Napoleon, OH2/12/1916Monticello, IowaForest HillWorld War II
Freidrich SCHROEDER3/8/1888Henry Co., OH4/22/1838Forest HillCo. F, 9th OVICivil War
Harold A. SCHROEDER12/14/200112/23/1933Forest HillKorean War
Herman SCHROEDER7/12/1940Napoleon, OH11/22/1894Youngstown, OHForest HillSupply Co. 332nd RegimentWorld War I
Herman SCHROEDER11/4/1923Forest HillOrd. Dept.World War II
Wilhelm SCHUMACHER6/16/1909Napoleon, OH12/21/1837Prussia, GermanyForest Hill14th OVI; Signal Corps; Co. B, 37th OVICivil War
Henry SEELING9/3/18777/17/1825GermanyForest HillCo. D, 68th OVICivil War
Henry H. SEEMAN4/18/19773/16/1917Forest HillWorld War II
Walter Robert SEHLMEYER2/13/1971Napoleon, OH5/8/1927Fulton Co., OHForest HillWorld War II
Ivan E. SHADLE6/30/19838/4/1920OhioForest HillWorld War II
Earl E. SHASTEEN1/24/20023/29/1915Forest HillWorld War II
James A. SHASTEEN12/13/1917Henry Co., OH8/7/1847Henry Co., OHForest HillCo. B, 184th OVICivil War
Richard Charles SHAW1/4/19786/28/1911Forest HillWorld War II
Edward SHEFFIELD10/20/18653/13/1826Forest HillUSS Grampus; USS Clara Dolsen; USS LaFayette; USS ArgosyCivil War
Daniel M. SHIVELY7/21/1924Napolen12/12/1848OhioForest Hill22nd Independent Battery Ohio Light ArtilleryCivil War
Paul Vinton SHOWMAN5/15/1972Napoleon, OH2/7/1906Napoleon, OHForest Hill542nd Ord. Co.World War II
Albert G. SHUMAKER3/1/1929Michigan7/4/1894Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. D, 38th RegimentWorld War I
Burr J. SHUMAKER7/25/20004/4/1921Forest HillWorld War II
Cornelius SHUMAKER1/12/20025/1/1915Forest HillWorld War II
Robert SHUMAKER2/4/19822/19/1926Forest HillWorld War II
John SIDLINGER4/6/1896Liberty Twp., Henry Co., OH1/24/1822Bavaria, GermanyForest HillField and Staff, 14th OVICivil War
Charles H. SLAGE9/2/1918Forest HillCo. I, 148th Regiment, 37th DivisionWorld War II
Richard L. SLIGHT8/17/20003/9/1948Forest HillVietnam War
Harold R. SMITH5/26/1915Forest HillWorld War II
J. H. SMITH3/13/1908Holgate1840Forest HillCo. E, 26th OVICivil War
Marvin H. SMITH11/22/200110/3/1932Forest HillKorean War
Sherman H. SMITH12/17/198312/31/1931OhioForest HillKorean War
Walter H. SMITH7/6/1886Malinta, OHForest HillCo. C, 158th Depot BrigadeWorld War I
Charles SNYDER11/4/1958Napoleon, OH3/17/1882Rockwood, PAForest HillCo. M, 2nd Pioneer InfantryWorld War I
Lewis Earl SNYDER11/15/1933Napoleon, OH8/11/1887DeKalb Co., INForest HillSupply Co., 329th Regiment, 83rd DivisionWorld War I
Simon L. SNYDER1/1/1918Napoleon, OH12/2/1832MarylandForest HillCo. B, 164th OVICivil War
William A. SOALS5/9/19754/1/1913Forest HillWorld War II
Henry W. SONNENBERG7/3/19791/27/1924OhioForest HillWorld War II / Korean War
Herman Jr. SONNENBERG12/21/19858/2/1925OhioForest HillWorld War II
William H. SPADEForest HillCo. A, 68th OVICivil War
John H. SPENCER8/18/1934Las Cruces, New Mexico1897Winchester, INForest HillTraining Detachment, University of Akron, OHWorld War I
Clarence W. SPIETH8/29/1962Napoleon, OH5/13/1896Pleasant Twp., Henry Co., OHForest HillCo. E, 329th RegimentWorld War I
Eugene SPIETH11/9/19793/21/1914OhioForest HillWorld War II
Orrin F. SPRAGUE5/10/18711831Forest HillCivil War
Robert Leroy SPROUSE4/21/1967Ridgeville Twp., Henry Co., OH11/18/1911Warerly, OHForest HillWorld War II
Julian H. STEVENS11/16/19912/25/1922OhioForest HillWorld War II
Marion E. STEVENS4/21/19895/14/1923OhioForest HillWorld War II
William C. STEVENS19381888Forest HillWorld War I
Lowell M. STEWARD4/26/19968/11/1921Forest HillWorld War II
Jacob STICKLEY9/5/18877/9/1816Forest HillCo. D, 68th OVICivil War
George W. STOCKMAN11/30/1935Napoleon, OH2/22/1878OhioForest HillCo. F, 6th O.N.G.Spanish-American War
George STOUT4/16/1861Napoleon, OH3/4/1785Westmoreland Co., PAForest HillPennsylvania RegimentWar of 1812
Isaac N. STOUT4/22/1925Toledo, Lucas Co., OH1845Forest HillCo. H, 76th OVICivil War
L. L. STOUT10/26/18719/23/1845Forest Hill9th OVCCivil War
John F. STOW3/5/1926Fort Wayne, IN2/2/1842Noble Co., OHForest HillCo. B, 34th Indiana Infantry; Co. B, 23rd Indiana InfantryCivil War
Kenneth SUNKLE6/10/19953/12/1921Forest HillWorld War II
Richard W. SUYDAM5/16/19927/1/1908OhioForest HillWorld War II
Oscar SWEENEY7/6/19957/6/1952Forest HillPeacetime Service
Allie R. SWIN8/14/1884Forest HillWorld War I
Henry Albert SWIN5/13/1936Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH9/7/1888Henry Co., OHForest HillCo. L, 1st Replacement Regiment, 13th EngineersWorld War I
Ben E. Sr. SWISHER12/26/19761/27/1914Forest HillWorld War II
Floyd SWORDEN19665/18/1897NapoleonForest HillWorld War I
Berton TEEPLE8/6/1926Napoleon, OH10/12/1878OhioForest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
Harry Burdette TEEPLE11/14/1972Napoleon, OH8/24/1911Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War II
Marcus Lafayette TEEPLE6/8/1903Napoleon, OH3/15/1839Morrow Co., OHForest HillCo. K, 81st OVICivil War
John B. THOMPSON4/20/1891Napoleon, OH1832Forest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Wesley H. THORNBURG6/18/1865Lynchburg, VA1826Forest HillCo. A, 36th OVICivil War
George W. THORNTON7/25/1925Napoleon, OH6/20/1842PennsylvaniaForest HillCo. A, 67th OVICivil War
Orville C. THORNTON9/14/1894Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. B, 147th RegimentWorld War I
John THRAPP1/6/1880Napoleon, OH8/29/1793VirginiaForest HillVirginia CompanyWar of 1812
John Edwin TIETJENS4/11/1900Napoleon, OH7/21/1879Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. F, 6th OVISpanish-American War
Jesse E. TRAVIS4/16/19699/18/1892Napoleon, OHForest HillSTU Army Eng. Corp.World War I
Norman H. TRAVIS6/8/20047/17/1943OhioForest HillVietnam War
Robert Eugene TRAVIS11/30/1925Forest HillWorld War II
Samuel Dick TRIBBY8/22/1899Perry, OHForest HillWorld War I
Ronald J. UPP10/26/1959Napoleon, OHWauseon, Fulton Co., OHForest HillWorld War II
Abram C. URQUHARTForest HillCo. A, 68th OVICivil War
Marvin E. VAJEN9/22/19957/2/1931Forest HillKorean War
Alphonse VAN LANDSCHOOT12/4/1953Malinta12/8/1892Moerkerke, BelgiumForest HillWorld War I
Comfort Johnson VANNESS5/29/1899Napoleon, OH6/2/1831Oswego Co., NYForest HillCo. F, 68th OVICivil War
Robert J. VAUGHN1/21/1894Marblehead, OHForest HillWorld War I
Lloyd VEINER11/8/1895Forest HillWorld War I
William C. VERT3/25/19761/12/1913Forest HillWorld War II
Henry VON SEGGERN7/6/19904/28/1916OhioForest HillWorld War II
Raymond H. WACHTMANN12/3/199812/23/1926Forest HillWorld War II
Charles J. WAGNER2/4/19776/21/1889Forest HillWorld War I
Donald J. WALKER11/4/1906Forest HillWorld War II
Lawrence R. WALKER10/4/19948/21/1916Forest HillWorld War II
William Glen WALKER12/3/19811/11/1924OhioForest HillWorld War II
George C. WALTER11/9/19782/22/1919Forest HillWorld War II
Fred H. WALTERS9/24/1965Napoleon, OH3/15/1889Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. C, 125th RegimentWorld War I
Peter F. WALTERS5/18/1893Forest HillWorld War I
William C. WALTERS6/15/1905Napoleon, OH12/8/1832Forest HillCo. A, 157th OVICivil War
Samuel WARNER5/22/1908Napoleon, OH8/15/1839Sandusky Co., OHForest HillCo. H, 169th OVICivil War
Harold E. WEAVER8/15/19854/5/1921OhioForest HillWorld War II
Frank L. WEITZEL10/19/19835/9/1912OhioForest HillWorld War II
Robert G. WELLS1865Forest HillCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Thomas D. WELLS6/11/18541780Forest HillEnsign Peter Huber's CompanyWar of 1812
Harry A. WENNER2/7/19824/20/1909Forest HillWorld War II
Hermann Daniel WESCHE9/17/19732/14/1919Ridgeville Twp., Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War II
Charles WHITAKER2/28/1915Forest HillWorld War II
Fred WILCOX11/17/1937Napoleon, OH1/14/1888McClure, OHForest HillCo. M, 21st EngineersWorld War I
Julian V. WILFORD7/23/198710/22/1930OhioForest HillKorean War
Grant H. WILLEMAN4/29/19927/4/1925OhioForest HillWorld War II
Jacob WILLEMAN4/21/19773/31/1891Ridgeville Twp., Henry Co., OHForest HillWorld War I
Charles WILLIAMS4/12/1885Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. D, 124th OVICivil War
Ortes C. WILLIMAN9/22/197811/5/1907Forest HillWorld War II
Raymond P. WOLF7/1/199112/9/1921OhioForest HillWorld War II
Karl WOODWARD3/11/1941Forest Hill44th U.S. InfantrySpanish-American War
Carl H. WURTHMANN10/2/19444/11/1922Woodland, INForest Hill329th Regiment 83rd DivisionWorld War II
Fred YACKEE11/6/1906Napoleon, OHForest HillCo. C, 1st OVCCivil War
Valentine YACKEE18671826Forest HillCivil War
Byron L. YARNELL3/17/19843/22/1910OhioForest HillWorld War II
Leonard John Jr. YARNELL7/27/19761/18/1941Forest HillVietnam War
Lewis E. YARNELL7/14/19628/18/1911Forest HillWorld War II
John G. Sr. YOCOM7/12/1897Napoleon, OHForest HillWorld War I
Emil YOUICH12/16/197912/8/1925OhioForest HillWorld War II
Dallas Lewis YOUNG4/20/19478/27/1895Holgate, OHForest HillWorld War I
Gale YOUNG9/22/197411/28/1905MichiganForest HillWorld War II
James C. Jr. YOUNG1/31/19792/10/1928OhioForest HillKorean War
Norman A. ZELLERS12/11/1911Forest HillBattery A, 863rd Field ArtilleryWorld War II
Jacob ZENZ1/14/1914Napoleon, OH8/14/1840GermanyForest HillCo. G, 1st Michigan InfantryCivil War
John ZINK4/22/1916Harrison Twp. Henry Co., OH12/25/1839OhioForest HillCo. D, 14th OVICivil War

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