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Name Death Date Place of Death Birth Date Place of Birth Cemetery Unit War Comments
William L. ALEXANDER19311842YoungsCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Robert L. ARMBRUSTER5/14/20027/18/1925YoungsWorld War II
Henry J. BAKER10/18/19955/24/1920YoungsWorld War II
John James BARD4/9/1927YoungsWorld War II
Albert M. BARGMAN1/24/19818/30/1913OhioYoungsWorld War II
Burl J. BEAVERS9/9/19747/8/1917OhioYoungsWorld War II
Samuel B. BEAVERS11/18/19997/26/1919YoungsWorld War II
Lewis A. BEILHARZ10/1/1904Liberty Center, OH4/27/1825YoungsMexican War
Thomas BICHAN12/8/1892Kirkwall, ScotlandYoungsCo. B, 147th Regiment, 37th DivisionWorld War I
Paul Frederick BITZINGER11/23/19717/13/1925Fort Wayne, INYoungsWorld War II
Rolla W. BOULIS3/3/1900Hamler, OHYoungs74th Artillery CACWorld War I
Kenneth D. BOULTS2/6/19943/28/1928OhioYoungsWorld War II
George BOWERS19181828Youngs23rd Independent Battery Ohio Light ArtilleryCivil War
Jack Harrison BOWERS9/4/19473/27/1922Liberty Center, OHYoungsWorld War II
Jeremiah BOWERS3//1918Tontogany, Wood Co., OH1829Harrison Co., OHYoungsCo. A, 100th OVICivil War
David K. BOWKER12/14/1897Liberty Center, OH12/2/1839Columbiana Co., OHYoungsCo. C, 14th OVICivil War
Melvin C. Sr. BRINK4/19/19764/21/1908YoungsWorld War II
Justin F. BROWN4/16/1917Liberty Center, OH3/20/1838Maumee, Lucas Co., OHYoungsCo. K, 49th OVICivil War
Wilson Sharmon BROWNE7/24/1930Liberty Center, OH1840Tiffin, Seneca Co., OHYoungsCo. E, 2nd Ohio Horse ArtilleryCivil War
Jett Clayton BRYAN12/14/19802/2/1895Liberty Center, OHYoungsWorld War I
Donald T. BUREAU3/18/19955/18/1927YoungsWorld War II
Owen BURGESS10/1/18901823YoungsCo. D, 68th OVICivil War
Vernice E. BURGOON3/16/1897Hoytville, Wood Co., OHYoungsRepair UnitWorld War I
James BURKE2/22/1928Napoleon, OH4/4/1839IrelandYoungsCo. A, 83rd OVICivil War
Cyril Henry BURNS4/28/1900Liberty Center, OHYoungs97th Aero Sq.World War I
Ronald Ray BURNS8/3/1897YoungsWorld War I
William L. Sr. BUTTERFIELD3/16/19981/24/1934YoungsKorean War
Nathaniel BUZZELL4/22/1900Liberty Center, OH6/29/1830YoungsCo. B, 128th OVICivil War
Charles C. CARPENTER6/8/1890Liberty Center, OHYoungsWorld War I
Richard G. CARVER12/24/194411/27/1923Fulton Co., OHYoungs710th Bomb Sq.World War II
Paul V. CLAPP10/30/200010/17/1925YoungsWorld War II
Ray L. CLARK19211891Youngs153rd Depot BrigadeWorld War I
Jeremiah COLER1892Liberty Center, OHYoungsCo. A, 67th OVICivil War
Harold G. CONRAD10/14/20017/17/1918YoungsWorld War II
Elisha T. COON8/9/1915Henry Co., OH1830YoungsCo. B, 100th OVICivil War
Clarence B. CORWIN6/14/199312/31/1911OhioYoungsWorld War II
Gary E. CRAWFORD3/13/200110/30/1943YoungsNot Marked
Robert John CRAWFORD6/30/198311/1/1920OhioYoungsWorld War II
Fred R. CREAGER6/13/1895Cygnet, OHYoungsWorld War I
Stephen A. CROZIER3/24/18946/23/1924YoungsWorld War II
Willbur F. CRUMYoungsCo. I, 99th OVICivil War
George DAUM12/8/1912Liberty Center, OH1/12/1834FranceYoungsCo. D, 124th OVICivil War
Ned DAVIS2/4/199211/4/1930OhioYoungsKorean War
James C. DEBLIN7/2/199011/26/1918West VirginiaYoungsWorld War II
Albert D. DESGRANGES1/15/19759/15/1914YoungsWorld War II
Kenneth R. DICKERSON10/16/1911YoungsBattery C, 222nd FA Bn.World War II
John R. DOMYK1/18/1927YoungsWorld War II
Raymond H. DUNN5/20/19929/15/1921OhioYoungsWorld War II
Charles K. EHRGOOD6/16/19729/27/1906YoungsBattery B, 453-A Bn. CACWorld War II
Earl ERNSBERGER8/5/19973/7/1920YoungsWorld War II
Dale O. ERNST4/17/19846/5/1911OhioYoungsWorld War II
Nathaniel EVERSOLE10/2/1914Liberty Center, OH4/5/1841Sandusky Co., OHYoungsCo. C, 72nd OVICivil War
Samuel FONCANNON10/19/1931Wauseon, Fulton Co., OH1845YoungsCo. E, 2nd Ohio Horse ArtilleryCivil War
Earl E. FORD9/16/1880YoungsCo. B, 47th U.S. InfantryWorld War I
John W. FORDYoungsCo. C, 9th OVCCivil War
Richard C. FRANKFARTHER11/8/194211/9/1918Maumee, Lucas Co., OHYoungsWorld War II
John J. FREDERICK3/17/19181/14/1835YoungsCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Eugene S. FRONCE8/4/1925YoungsWorld War II
Jacob FRONCE4/5/1924Liberty Center, OH2/13/1839FranceYoungsCo. H, 55th OVICivil War
Walter FURNEY10/14/1918France12/2/1897Toledo, Lucas Co., OHYoungsEvac. Amb. Co. 2nd MOTCWorld War I
Elisha GABRIEL2/12/1907Sandusky Co., OH1825YoungsCo. H, 135th OVICivil War
Fred K. GASSER8/29/1882Henry Co., OH10/15/1826YoungsCo. K, 164th OVICivil War
Bernard J. GEORGE8/24/196911/30/1896Belmore, Putnam Co., OHYoungsWorld War I
Charles Francis GILLAN1/24/19815/3/1918IllinoisYoungsWorld War II
Delmar L. GILSON3/1/198012/19/1909OhioYoungsWorld War II
Bruce E. GRUBER4/22/199510/16/1921YoungsWorld War II
Clifford T. GRUBER7/1/1920YoungsWorld War II
Hiram E. GRUBER6/30/1909Piqua, OH6/11/1834YoungsCo. D, 14th OVICivil War
James E. GRUBER4/15/1930Liberty Center, OH10/10/1844Maumee, Lucas Co., OHYoungsCo. C, 128th OVICivil War
Manuel GUNSAULLUS8/24/1884Liberty Center, OH9/9/1820Richland Co., OHYoungsCo. H, 64th OVICivil War
Joseph W. HACKETT11//1908Liberty Center, OH2/16/1835Dryden, Tompkins Co., NYYoungsCo. D, 182nd OVICivil War
Tracey Wallace HACKETT4/25/1884Liberty Center, OH1839YoungsCo. E, 123rd OVICivil War
Robert C. HAHN5/29/19895/22/1917OhioYoungsWorld War II
Merlin R. HECKLER9/22/19685/7/1897Napoleon, OHYoungsWorld War I
George W. HEFT5/2/1925Liberty Center, OH2/22/1844Fairfield Co., OHYoungsCo. A, 17th OVICivil War
Frank Jacob HEILMAN1/13/1894Holgate, OHYoungsCo. G, 329th RegimentWorld War I
William F. HEILMAN2/7/20003/21/1929YoungsKorean War
Ervie E. HENDERSON4/17/1895Liberty Center, OHYoungs329th Regiment, 83rd DivisionWorld War I
Gernie Arthur HENDERSON5/8/19423/3/1893Youngs309th HQ Troop, 84th DivisionWorld War II
Hiram HENDERSON8/27/1843Andover, NYYoungsCo. H, 21st OVICivil War
Louis C. HENDERSON3/1/1935Liberty Center, OH4/29/1848Portage, Wood Co., OHYoungsPeacetime Service
Martin P. HOFFMAN2/9/1920Fulton Co., OH12/5/1889Henry Co., OHYoungsHq. Co., 5th Field ArtilleryWorld War I
Kenneth C. HOGREFE3/6/19966/29/1927YoungsWorld War II
Orbie A. HOLBROOK5/8/19822/24/1930VirginiaYoungsKorean War
William H. HOWE4/25/1884Liberty Center, OH9/8/1837YoungsCo. C, 68th OVICivil War
Elwood P. HOWELL6/19/1892Liberty Center, OHYoungsWorld War I
Raymond H. HUBER3/10/19884/28/1919OhioYoungsWorld War II
Charles A. HUDSON1/17/1895Liberty Center, OHYoungsWorld War I
William HUDSON3/24/1930Ranier, Montana1837YoungsCo. E, 53rd OVICivil War
Ralph A. JENNINGS6/29/19988/7/1919YoungsWorld War II
Robert O. JEWELL11/28/1894YoungsWorld War I
George J. JOHNSON3/29/20009/15/1917YoungsWorld War II
Lawrence H. JOHNSON4/15/19935/16/1909YoungsWorld War II
Robert E. JOHNSON10/4/19982/15/1918YoungsWorld War II
Allen JONES2/2/1883Henry Co., OH6/17/1843New YorkYoungsCo. F, 68th OVICivil War
Watt J. JONES10/17/199610/28/1928YoungsKorean War
Orra A. KEITH3/8/19973/6/1907YoungsWorld War II
John KERSHNER10/11/1914Liberty Center, OH12/18/1831YoungsCo. A, 8th OVICivil War
Joseph KERSHNER10/2/1923Liberty Center, OH2/16/1826Seneca Co., OHYoungsCo. I, 101st OVICivil War
William H. KERSHNER8/29/1915Liberty Center, OHYoungsCo. G, 55th OVICivil War
Marion Wayne KESSLER8/15/19447/18/1921Washington Twp., Henry Co., OHYoungs36th Armd. RegimentWorld War II
Adam A. KNAPP4/17/198412/2/1908OhioYoungsWorld War II
Edward S. KNECHT11/30/19811/18/1902YoungsWorld War II
Benjamin F. KNISS8/4/1931Liberty Center, OH11/17/1844Defiance Co., OHYoungsCo. G, 38th OVICivil War
Richard KRETZ5/20/1920YoungsWorld War II
Henry H. LAMB4/29/18838/16/1846YoungsCo. H, 68th OVICivil War
George W. LAVER4/11/1922Liberty Center, OH6/18/1844Findlay, Hancock Co., OHYoungsCo. B, 184th OVICivil War
Vernam L. LEATHERMAN12/19/19964/17/1912YoungsWorld War II
Harry LEE3/6/1936Fostoria, OH1892YoungsCo. F, 6th O.N.G.Peacetime Service
Alfred LEIST9/2/19745/24/1889Henry Co., OHYoungsWorld War I
Julius LEITNERYoungsCo. H, 49th OVICivil War
John H. LEONARD8/11/19887/24/1906OhioYoungsWorld War II
John Frederick LEVIEN4/17/19778/31/1919YoungsWorld War II
Isaac LIVENSPARGER9/30/1891Liberty Center, OH1/2/1842Knox Co., OHYoungsCo. H, 55th OVICivil War
Leroy J. LYMAN11/22/1888Liberty Center, OHYoungsWorld War I
Charles L. MARTIN1/15/1884Liberty Center, OH7/28/1842Delaware Co., OHYoungsCo. C, 26th OVICivil War
Elton T. MARTIN6/4/18911839YoungsCo. H, 79th OVICivil War
Lawrence Smith MATTHEW5/14/19789/27/1914OhioYoungsWorld War II
Albert G. MATTHEWS9/29/1915Liberty Center, OH10/28/1847Willsbury, PAYoungsCo. B, 144th O.N.G.Civil War
Edward O. MCCABE12/1/19902/25/1907OhioYoungsWorld War II
Irvin A. MCCABE2/19/1899Liberty Center, OHYoungs3rd Spruce SQWorld War I
Ray E. MCCABE11/5/19768/22/1894Henry Co., OHYoungsWorld War I
Wayne Allen MCCABE5/2/20034/17/1925OhioYoungsKorean War
Marion C. MCCLURE8/26/19531/28/1877Defiance, Defiance Co., OHYoungsWorld War I
Walter W. MCCLURE6/24/19987/19/1919YoungsWorld War II
William Joseph MCKEE6/28/1896Willard, OH1830YoungsCo. C, 123rd OVICivil War
Horace C. MEAD8/15/19836/28/1915OhioYoungsWorld War II
Bazil MIDDLETON10/16/1884Liberty Center, OH3/10/1818Shenandoah Co., WVYoungsCo. H, 67th OVICivil War
Daniel MIDDLETON19201843YoungsCo. H, 67th OVICivil War
Antony MILLER12/16/18946/5/1844YoungsCo. A, 179th OVICivil War
Burdette Allen MILLER11/15/19756/8/1922YoungsWorld War II
Eli MILLER4/8/1862Crump's Landing, TN9/6/1840YoungsCo. D, 68th OVICivil War
George MILLER11//1906Florida, OH1834YoungsCo. H, 184th OVICivil War
Isaac MILLER8/15/187712/24/1812YoungsBattery H, 1st Ohio Light ArtilleryCivil War
John S. MILLER11/10/18976/26/1810YoungsCo. C, 27th OVICivil War
Wayne W. MILLER6/15/19964/3/1916YoungsWorld War II
Clarence H. MINNICH12/23/19989/1/1938YoungsVietnam War
David W. MIRES8/4/1989YoungsWorld War II
John K. MIRES4/5/20025/2/1918YoungsWorld War II
Thomas A. Sr. MITCHELL6/14/19973/2/1922YoungsWorld War II
Jacob MOHR7/31/1928Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH5/16/1894Jewell, Defiance Co., OHYoungs4th Co., 1st Tng. Bn., 159th Dep. Brig.World War I
Ernest C. MOURER2/27/1937Liberty Center, OH6/2/1890Liberty Center, OHYoungsCo. C, 1st Bn., Sig. CONGWorld War I
Joseph H. MOURER7/16/1906Liberty Center, OH6/20/1828Franklin Co., PAYoungsCo. F, 169th OVICivil War
Albert MUELLER12/23/1906San Francisco, CA3/4/1880Toledo, Lucas Co., OHYoungsCo. F, 6th O.N.G.Peacetime Service
Valentine MUELLER2/24/1877Toledo, Lucas Co., OHYoungsField ArtilleryWorld War I
William MUELLER2/26/1889Providence, Lucas Co., OHYoungsWorld War I
Dale E. MURDOCK10/25/19975/11/1918YoungsWorld War II
Harold Eugene MURPHY10/4/19853/3/1920OhioYoungsWorld War II
Wilson S. ORME5/1/1926Toledo, Lucas Co., OH1843YoungsCo. K, 49th OVICivil War
Richard W. OVERMIER9/17/19849/14/1921OhioYoungsWorld War II
Samuel OVERMIER4/3/1923Liberty Center, OH1842OhioYoungsCo. D, 14th OVICivil War
William H. PARSONS3/22/1916Liberty Center, OH3/17/1841Perry Co., OHYoungsCo. D, 68th OVICivil War
Melvin A. PATRICK3/19/1914Youngs969th Engr. Mnt. Co.World War II
Barnard POORMAN1/8/18832/16/1826YoungsCo. E, 186th OVICivil War.
Jonathan PRICE8/8/1909Henry Co., OH3/21/1837Rockingham, OHYoungsCo. G, 180th OVICivil War
William D. RANDALL7/25/1917Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH7/24/1841YoungsCo. C, 14th OVICivil War
Francis W. RATHBORNE6/6/1894Liberty Center, OH9/23/1816Cuyuga, NYYoungsCo. G, 128th OVICivil War
George A. REED10/25/19769/10/1914YoungsWorld War II
Robert Alfred RICHARDSON1/11/20048/11/1922MontanaYoungsWorld War II / Korean War
Mark RIGAL7/18/1928Henry Co., OH4/6/1897Liberty Center, OHYoungs48th Battery. 6th A.A. Sec.World War I
Gladden RITTER2/18/19884/13/1916OhioYoungsWorld War II
John ROGERS11/13/1924Liberty Center, OH1843OhioYoungsCo. I, 123rd OVICivil War
Joseph ROGERS4/11/1904Liberty Center, OH1823YoungsCo. G, 173rd OVICivil War
William ROGGE10/5/1919Liberty Center, OH1846YoungsCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Leonidas Thornton ROHRER9/23/1910Liberty Center, OH10/29/1835YoungsCo. I, 1st MD InfantryCivil War
Herman B. ROMAKER11/27/198011/26/1892OhioYoungsWorld War I
David RUIZ7/30/19973/25/1942YoungsVietnam War
Harrison RUNDALL7/12/1914Liberty Center, OH10/21/1841YoungsCo. M, 6th OVCCivil War
William H. RUSSELL7/8/1923Toledo, Lucas Co., OH1843Perrysburg, Wood Co., OHYoungsCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Clarence Vernon SAGER4/16/20034/16/1927OhioYoungsWorld War II
Bernard Burdette SANEHOLTZ3/15/20036/16/1930OhioYoungsKorean War
Peter SHALL4/7/1916Liberty Center, OH6/20/1844Henry Co., OHYoungsCo. B, 100th OVICivil War
Eric R. SHANEYFELT4/19/19989/26/1978YoungsVietnam War / Persian Gulf War
Donald Wayne SHARP8/16/200310/7/1952OhioYoungsVietnam War
Gerald W. SHARP4/1/20015/24/1927YoungsWorld War II
Jacob SHARP4/4/1903Weston, Wood Co., OH7/7/1825Perry Co., OHYoungsCo. H, 67th OVICivil War
Royal P. SHARP7/27/198011/6/1905OhioYoungsWorld War II
Warren Clyde SHARP8/9/1895Liberty Center, OHYoungsCo. A, 5th Corps ArtilleryWorld War I
Dewey A. SHARPE6/7/198210/13/1897OhioYoungsWorld War II
Howard A. SHARPE11/30/19886/12/1913YoungsWorld War II
Walter I. SHOCKEY1/2/19833/11/1914OhioYoungsWorld War II
Robert W. SHOWMAN12/23/1912Killmaster, MI12/16/1836Harper's Ferry, MDYoungsCo. D, 14th OVICivil War
Charles R. SHUNK12/4/19443/10/1920Liberty Center, OHYoungs68th Tank Bn., 6th Armd. DivisionWorld War II
Lester C. SIGLER9/14/19779/19/1924OhioYoungsWorld War II / Korean War
John J. SIMMONS7/13/1880Toledo, Lucas Co., OH9/8/1843YoungsCo. A, 38th OVICivil War
George W. SKINNER10/11/1915Liberty Center, OH7/25/1834Fremont, OHYoungsCo. K, 169th OVICivil War
Marion A. SLATER11/16/19809/28/1895OhioYoungsWorld War I
Charles L. SLEE9/28/198111/10/1921OhioYoungsWorld War II
Eleanor J. SLEE7/15/198610/10/1920OhioYoungsWorld War II
Gilford SLEE10/18/19637/3/1916YoungsWorld War II
Harold B. SLEE11/24/198012/18/1920OhioYoungsWorld War II
Andrew SMITH10/19/18854/18/1812YoungsCo. F, 123rd OVICivil War
David SMITH1/21/1916Liberty Center, OH6/6/1844YoungsCo. F, 60th OVICivil War
F. W. SMITH5/14/1911Liberty Center, OH1/29/1833YoungsCo. D, 68th OVICivil War
Isaac SMITH7/13/1864New York3/6/1846YoungsCo. I, 33rd OVICivil War
Merton L. SMITH10/1/19918/26/1925OhioYoungsWorld War II
Arthur E. SNYDERLiberty Center, OHYoungsWorld War I
Harold C. SONNENBERG12/19/19624/12/1918Napoleon, OHYoungs220th Field ArtilleryWorld War II
Elmer C. SPIESS4/11/1894Cecil, Paulding Co., OHYoungsWorld War I
Lewis J. SPIESS12/1/199012/5/1921OhioYoungsWorld War II
Myron G. SPIESS11/15/199510/21/1915YoungsWorld War II
Jackson A. STARKEY8/1/19144/19/1844Clermont Co., OHYoungsCo. K, 62nd OVICivil War
William Blair STEEDMAN9/25/1880Liberty Center, OH9/25/1832PennsylvaniaYoungsCo. D, 14th OVICivil War
Karl V. STETSON8/10/199312/19/1906AlabamaYoungsWorld War II
Charles W. STEVENS2/3/1900Liberty Center, OH2/3/1845YoungsBattery I, 1st Ohio Light ArtilleryCivil War
Frederick STEWART2/11/1936Liberty Center, OH1845Huron Co., OHYoungsCo. D, 124th OVICivil War
Melvin D. STRAYER3/6/20028/22/1935YoungsKorean War
Matthais SWARTZLANDER5/29/1906Liberty Center, OH9/25/1843PennsylvaniaYoungsField and Staff, 72nd OVICivil War
Thomas S. TABLER9/18/1887Fletcher, OHYoungs25th Bln. Co. Air SVCWorld War I
Hiram TEEL9/1/1921Liberty Center, OH1830OhioYoungsCo. G, 164th OVICivil War
R. S. THOMAS9/22/1916Liberty Center, OH2/8/1847Seneca Co., NYYoungsCo. E, 24th OVICivil War
John THOMPSON2/3/1916Liberty Center, OH10/16/1827Dublin, IrelandYoungsCo. B, 38th OVICivil War
Charles L. TINDOLPH10/8/1882YoungsAir ServiceWorld War I
George W. TURNER9/14/19184/18/1890OhioYoungsCo. F, 6th O.N.G.World War I
Robert L. Dr. ULLUM4/20/1920YoungsWorld War II
Mason VARNER9/6/1923Liberty Center, OH1844YoungsCo. I, 3rd OVCCivil War
Dr. Ezrom L. VIERS5/4/1898Liberty Center, OH3/28/1845YoungsCo. C, 130th OVICivil War
John B. VIERS9/22/1922Liberty Center, OH3/26/1841Fulton Co., OHYoungsCo. K, 5th OVICivil War
Lawrence A. WAGLER12/11/19767/3/1895GermanyYoungsWorld War I
Amos A. WARD8/18/1936Napoloen3/21/1846Basil, OHYoungsCo. G, 17th OVICivil War
Lawrence I. WARD7/24/1915Toledo, Lucas Co., OH8/31/1882Liberty Center, OHYoungsCo. G, 15th U.S. InfantryPeacetime Service
Benjamin W. WARNER5/8/19093/8/1829YoungsCo. A, 30th OVICivil War
Glenn M. WATSONNapoleon, OHYoungsCo. C, 110th Ammo TrainWorld War I
Marion WEAKLEY7/1/1923Liberty Center, OH1842OhioYoungsCo. K, 17th OVICivil War
Charles WEAVERYoungsPeacetime Service
Franklin WEIRICH2/24/1929Washington Twp., Henry Co., OH4/24/1844OhioYoungsCo. B, 64th OVICivil War
Robert L. WEIS10/17/19938/10/1930OhioYoungsKorean War
Nelson G. WELCH4/24/20026/24/1925YoungsWorld War II
John T. WEST1/22/1924Liberty Center, OH5/11/1830MarylandYoungsCo. C, 128th OVICivil War
Albert WHITE12/5/1913YoungsWorld War II / Korean War / Vietnam War
Herbert W. WILCOX11/24/19808/29/1923OhioYoungsWorld War II
Robert W. WITTENMYER11/3/19843/5/1920OhioYoungsWorld War II
Kenneth C. WOLCOTT6/14/199510/18/1927YoungsWorld War II
Granville Mobi WRIGHT1/10/1871Liberty Center, OHYoungsWorld War I
John A. WRIGHT3/16/1904Toledo, Lucas Co., OH1834YoungsCo. B, 128th OVICivil War
John W. WRIGHT5/23/1895Toledo, Lucas Co., OH8//1838OhioYoungsCo. C, 73rd OVICivil War
John Wesley WRIGHT10/6/1910Liberty Center, OHYoungsCo. B, 128th OVICivil War
Charles O. YOUNG10/27/1869Philadelphia, PA4/13/1845YoungsCo. G, 128th OVICivil War
Daniel YOUNG4/27/1871Liberty Center, OH2/1/1793New YorkYoungsNew York RegimentWar of 1812
Marion J. YOUNG1/21/199010/22/1918OhioYoungsWorld War II

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